Computer Sales and Service

Family owned and operated, Nally's Computer Sales and Service is conveniently located on Lebanon Hill in Springfield, KY. Christopher and Channing Nally, both natives of Washington County, set a goal to provide the best technical support to Washington, Nelson, Marion, Bullitt, and surrounding counties. At Nally's Computer Service, the highly-qualified technicians are certified in A+ Microsoft System, and maintain degrees in Computer Networking and Computer Science. Open 6 days a week for your convenience, and available 24 hours a day for emergency service , Nally's Computer Service offers a variety of services, ranging from computer repair and maintenance, to networking and new system installs. Nally's can provide both onsite support and in-store repair, and offers free diagnostics when you bring your computer or equipment to the store. We also carry name brand equipment, software, and accessories your computing needs.

Now Serving 2 Locations

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